Day Care Too Expensive? Try Area Day Camps

Looked at your day care bill lately? The numbers are getting as outrageous as the heat that’s enveloping South Tampa. So, what’s a working parent to do?

Looked at your day care bill lately?

The numbers are getting as outrageous as the heat that’s enveloping South Tampa.

With summer now here, the number of kids needing day care has increased exponentially. That means more staff required at the day care – and that could mean higher prices for Mom and Dad.

So, what’s a working parent to do?

Checking the schedule, it still reads 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. But what if you don’t have any more in the budget for higher day care prices?

Do yourself – and your child – a favor. Check out the summer day camps in the area.

Many of the day camps are less expensive than day care providers. And not only do they care for your child during regular work hours; many offer extended hours.

More importantly, children create some of their fondest memories at summer camp. With so many day camp options out there, you’re able to offer your child a fun experience that’s a lot more interesting than standard day care.

But do seek the advice of friends, family and co-workers when exploring day camp options. Your colleague in the neighboring cubicle might just have the information you're looking for. 

But what if you can’t find a day camp that fits your needs as well as your day care?

Try to bargain with the day care facility.

“You know, the dance academy next door is offering a day camp for $50 less than you’re charging me. To keep my business, could you charge me a little less?”

It doesn’t hurt to ask. You could be two sentences away from saving yourself $200 per month. You could also be doing the day care a huge favor by letting them know they have some competition.

Research online or visit the local businesses listed below to determine what fits into your budget. Remember to take into consideration the registration fees and what you may be paying in gas. It won’t cost you anything to look around.

Here’s a list of some of the day camps available in the Tampa area:

For more information, visit www.tbparenting.com


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