Meet Tampa FIre Rescue's Don Bennett

Here's a Q&A with paramedic Don Bennett.

Name: Don Bennett, Paramedic

Age: 55

Marital Status: Married, 1 son

Station #: 17

Year Joined: 1983

Hometown: Tampa, FL


Patch: What do you like the most about your job?

Don: The fact people are relying on you in difficult situations.


Patch: What made you interested in this field?

Don: It gives you the chance to help someone during troubling circumstances.


Patch: What is your most memorable call?

Don: The Mandy Tate call. She was an 8 year old girl who we had to give CPR, she had to be shocked five times and she survived. Since then, she graduated High School and she’s fine. She comes to visit us here are at the station.


Patch: Are you known for anything around the station?

Don: Oh, yeah. Stirring the pot!


Patch: Do you have a favorite meal here at the station?

Don: Spanish Bean Soup. Everyone has their own way of making it. It’s good.


Patch: Fill in the blank. I wish more people would __________.

Don: … be more educated as to how the Fire Department actually works. When we show up, some people say, “Why are you here? I didn’t call about a fire!” They don’t realize we’re Paramedics, EMT’s and are ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified.  


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