The Cupcake Spot Celebrating Five Year Anniversary

The fifth anniversary will be held at both of the cupcake shop's locations: 3225 S. MacDill Ave. #103 in Tampa, and 405 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg.

For the past five years, The Cupcake Spot has been serving miniature favorites like Billion Dollar Chocolate, Paint the Town Red Velvet and Bunny Hops to customers in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

On Monday, Dec. 17, the business will celebrate its five-year anniversary.

We recently talked to Nicole and Doug Longo, the cupcake shop's owners, about what's planned for their anniversary and the hardest part of staying in business for so long.

On why they began a cupcake business: "I worked in PR. I had my own small firm. I had to be abreast of trends for my clients. I kept seeing this trend of cupcakes. They were really hot. Sprinkles opened in Los Angeles. Oprah and Ellen were endorsing cupcakes. I turned 40 that year, and decided I wanted to change careers. I decided to be the first one in Tampa."

What sets your business apart from others: "I think our branding is really important. Cuppy is our branding guy. He is good for merchandising. We have never compromised in our pricing or quality of ingredients. Have I been outpriced by people? Yes. The quality never wavers. We have fiercely loyal customers. We opened a second store in St. Pete in January 2009."

On their specialties: "When we first opened, we were rotating flavors. People would come in on Tuesday and say, 'Oh you don’t have this flavor?' We have the same 22 flavors each day. We rotate pepeprmint, key lime, pineapple upside down. We have a butterscotch one that has a vanilla bean buttercream frosting. It has a huge loyal following."

On what's planned for the anniversary: "We aren’t normally open on Mondays. We will have free samples, contests, we will be doing a drawing for a dozen cupcakes. The event is 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 17."

The hardest part of owning a business: "One of the hardest things is that we haven’t raised our prices in five years, but our employees, rent, the food, electric goes up. The cost of boxes, printing, goes up. It's been hard to stay at this level."

Contact The South Tampa shop at 813-839-7077.

Have you been to The Cupcake Spot? Tell us your favorite flavor in the comments.

Joe Barbato December 14, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Congratulations Cupcake Spot on your 5 year anniversary!!!!!


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