Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Hours and Ideas

Here's a rundown of last-minute holiday gift ideas and Christmas Eve store hours in South Tampa.

Wondering if you'll have enough time to buy those last-minute Christmas gifts?

Don't fret! Patch is here to help.

Here's a rundown of closing hours for local stores on Christmas Eve.

Can you make it by 2 p.m.? Try these shops:

  • Browse through many unique gifts and home-decor items at , 607 S Macdill Ave. (813) 443-0751.
  • Find home decor suited for the Florida lifestyle at , 1902 S Macdill Ave. (813) 839-4544.
  • Buy a holiday basket of red poinsettias at , 715 W Platt St. (813) 253-0306.

Can you make it by 3 p.m.? Try these stores:

  • Shop for feminine and hand made articles at , 2719 S Macdill Ave. (813) 837-3000.
  • Hunt for unique and whimsical home accents and gift items at , 231 E Davis Blvd. (813) 254-1535.
  • Buy handmade decorated and scented soaps at , 1603 W Snow Cir. (813) 251-1255.
  • Shop for cutting-edge clothing, jewelry and accessories at , 1413 S Howard Ave. (813) 254-5740.

Can you make it by 4 p.m.? Try these businesses:

  • Pick up a hardcover novel at , 216 S Armenia Ave. (813) 253-2638.
  • Browse the wide selection of fine lingerie created with French and Italian handmade lace at , 725 S Dakota Ave. (813) 253-2244.
  • Choose among clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags and accents at , 3104 W Palmira Ave. (813) 902-0044.

Can you make it by 5 p.m.? Try these stores:

  • Shop for women's clothing and accessory as well as home furnishings and bath and beauty items in one boutique at , 703 S Dakota Ave. (813) 250-3600.
  • Choose among the latest styles of business, casual and sportswear for men, women and children at , 700 S Dakota Ave. (813) 251-6092.

Can you make it by 6 p.m.? Try these shops:

  • Browse the large selection of beach accessories, home decor items, linens, and gift items at , 1623 W Snow Ave. (813) 319-8860.
  • Buy outdoor wear and accessories at , 701 S Howard Ave. (813) 254-8444.

Can you make it by 7 p.m.? Try this business:

  • Shop for bike accessories and apparel at , 2409 S Macdill Ave. (813) 839-0410.

Can you make it by 8 p.m.? Try this store:

  • Shop for educational toys at , 800 S Village Cir. (813) 250-6200.


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