Tampa Residents Find the Way to Happiness at Annual ‘Have a Safe Summer’ Event

TAMPA, FL: Visitors coming to the annual ‘Have a Safe Summer’ event in East Tampa’s Al Barnes Park found music, entertainment and common sense advice on life and happiness. The park had been the scene of a fatal shooting in late April, but residents seemed determined not to let that incident mar their sense of community.


            Participants included volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation. Led by Volunteer Minister Marlin Anderson, volunteers provided copies of The Way to Happiness booklet by L. Ron Hubbard.


            “The Way to Happiness is a moral code that is based on common sense,” said Mr. Anderson. “Instead of just preaching to people ‘don’t do this’ or ‘don’t do that’, the booklet assumes that the reader is basically good, and that the tools for their happiness are in their own hands. The Way to Happiness just provides the guidelines.”


            In addition to distributing the booklet, Mr. Anderson did a presentation from the stage to explain what The Way to Happiness is all about.


            After his presentation was completed, a man approached Mr. Anderson and said that he had received a copy of The Way to Happiness at the same event two years ago.


             “The gentleman said that he had had some turmoil in life, and he decided at that point to watch the DVD,” said Mr. Anderson. “He said that this gave him the inspiration he needed to get himself back on his feet and he has done that.”   


            This is the third time that The Way to Happiness Foundation has participated in the Have a Safe Summer Event. Nearly 200 of the booklets were distributed to event participants free of charge.


            Due to their popularity and positive message, The Way to Happiness Foundation was invited to participate at the upcoming Back to School event in August, and also to be at a festival in East Tampa this coming Saturday.


            “I love helping the East Tampa community, they know that there is a hope for the future and are working to achieve it.”


            For more information about The Way to Happiness, please go to www.thewaytohappiness.org.


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